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    Something Inside - Lionheart

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All music & lyrics written and recorded by Something Inside.


released June 14, 2008

Recorded in Berlin [Germany] @ Daily Hero Studios.
Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Florian Nowak.
Farewell Records #7
© 2008 Farewell Records



all rights reserved



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Track Name: Lionheart
Yes, I´ve left my youth behind
but whats wrong to still believe in convictions
what protects my soul
what made me who I am
there is more behind the ink on my hand
once a boy, who tried to change
now a man, who stands unbroken
in the surf of life
I´ve found shelter from this world inside my chest – lionheart
you strive for values but you´re stunned by lies
of their selfish crimes
switch off the noise of this world
and learn to listen to what you got inside
piece by piece you will rise
and gain the power to cope with this life
you´ll find shelter from this world inside your chest
Track Name: What It Means
I´m here to shout out what I believe (in).
but it´s difficult for me to break the barrier
because you pretend not to hear.
Up front you throw my words right back in my face.
Without the sense to recognize you consume the music but a message stands behind.
Indifference suffocates the sound you like.
We must rediscover the worth of the words.
To express the spirit and whats behind...
Track Name: Words Of Value
I write these words about a town,
a fever and you can´t sweat it out.
You try to ignore our courage to care
but we show the heartless that we´re still there!
A town – we call it home!
A scene – built by our own!
You´re afraid to read between the lines?
Because words of value make you turn pale.
Track Name: Force To Change
How shall you pick up threads of past times?
How shall you move on when your heart begins
to realize there´s no turning back?
When your world still burns?
How shall you…?
When pain goes so deep that even time can´t cure.
Please, don't say "that's the way it goes"
because a simple gesture revives all hope.
A simple word by a friend.
Because together we´ve got the force to change!
Behind our faces, within our minds.
I´ve got no reason to turn my head to look an other way. I´m free of thoughts that used that to drag me down. So I can live my life with no regrets and I walk through the tunnel. To the light at the end.
We´ve got the force to change.
Behind our faces, within our minds
Track Name: I Just Reflect
I hear their voices, I can see them stare.
It seems that I´m judged for my honesty
and gotta fight back these feelings.
No matter how strong.
But is that how it should be?.
I don't agree
Once I heard it´s my positive outlook
I just reflect on these words.
I just reflect on what I´ve said from the start.
So we´ve got to look inside.
We have to communicate.
Track Name: I Ignite
You look in the mirror and all you see is a man
who tries to cover failures with hate.
What happens in your mind?
Ignorance poisoned your sight for whats right.
I´m not defeated by the venom of these convictions.
Free from these morbid thoughts
I ignite a cleaning flame.
I burn down the bridges of your racist ways!
To awake the youth, to set them free.
Track Name: My Way Out
What happened to our aims?
This life is just a moment and our existence is filled with competitions. People to greedy to see others misery - nothing inside. We are all the same!.
I dreamt their dreams for so long until I reanimated my search. For the real important thing – for luck.
How can you afford to wait. When the world comes crumbling down. Do you still believe in miracles?
From the tv screen they teach us what we need.
We all are prisoners in a cage of their visual control.
But I found my way out!
I tell you what I found – I found my way out!
Straight Edge – my mental guide.
Straight Edge – cleared my sight.
Track Name: Something Inside
You´re goddamn right there´s something inside!
Yes I´m proud - yes I´m strong
and I know this way I can´t be wrong.
I can´t explain these feelings inside
I just know it is called pride
you can´t change whats in my head
I´ll never give up on the edge
you turned your back and I still wont change,
the die hard youth will always remain
Track Name: Love Song
They wonder why I´m so strong..
we belong (together)... we´ve got each other
so many years we´ve walked together to the stars
and I´m still so deep in love with you
you were my first love, you will be my last!
I will follow you into my grave
they wonder why I´m so strong
we belong... we got each other
so many years and I´m still so deep in love with you
youre my destiny... straight edge
Track Name: Remember
I still pray for your illumination.
To the see brutality with which ´we´ kill.
Remember – it´s still up to you.
To end a systematic murder
unnecessary for our survival.
Put yourself in their position and (now) relish every bite.
Remember – it´s still up to you.
Remember – it´s still up to you.
To clear your mind.
Track Name: Decisions Define Us
the time will come and you have no (other) choice
but to go your own way. any time, any time to build up your dreams.
any time. stand to your convictions even in the biggest desperation
you have the chance to find yourself
to find some answers
most of us arent able to contend with their failures
yes its easy to stand for something that contains no risk
decisions define us - so take the risk and stand your ground
the time is now
Track Name: Lights Out
Inside yourself youre prepared for dying.
No regrets for what you do.
Damn, you look so cheap when you´re lieing.
All that shit is coming back to you.
These days were long.
But Im glad they´re done for you.
Because you built up the place where your lights will go out.
Because you can´t deal with the world we share.
You´re not to blame, were all the same.
Acting like no one else is there.
It´s the cold world versus you and me.
These days were long.
But I´m glad they´re done for you.
Because you built up the place where your lights will go out.
Well it´s something that you´ve done before.
You erased yourself out of my heart.
Youre done but I´ve got the will to move on.
I Dont want to waste a word.
You turned your own lights out!.
Track Name: No End In Sight
I´ve lost my might to leave this behind
contend with myself I cleared up my mind
just down on my knees and pleading for help
they told me their thoughts and showed their insides
I got this two words and know that its right
so theres no remorse and no end in sight
Track Name: Ten Letters
Some things are stronger than time and space,
Than language and origin.
I need ten letters to form a word
That keeps me alive,
That lets me survive.
One fucking word.
Ten letters – bond of trust.
Ten letters – that you know
Sometimes its damn hard to handle with me,
But a appreciate the luck that connects us
Ten letters showed me – we must sacrifice a piece of our hearts
and we will get so much back