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You Will Feel It!


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released August 1, 2005

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Track Name: Wake Up Call
I know my days are numbered / thats why I can´t sit back / the clocks keep ticking / but I´m still the one who´s strong / with every step ahead / I need some answers- why / why did you say to me / I should grow up and accept the real life / what the fuck / wake up / wait a second / think about it / before you spread your shit / cause your talk is cheap / and your words aer intoxicated / you´ll lose your fucking mind / wait a second / think about it / before you spread your shit / I stand my ground / and won´t back down / wait a second / think about it / before you spread your shit / wake up / you live a lie
Track Name: You Will Feel It!
I heard footsteps behind me / I turned around and saw your eyes / so fucking strange / maybe my mind is playing tricks on me / but I don´t know you / and you / you don´t know me / you say we´ve got no scene / one step for those who still fucking care / any you, you take a step back for the non-belief cause you will feel it in the air / as your deceit gets paid back & it´s your neck / your fucking neck / your fucking neck / we stand still fixed / to what´s etched onto our souls
Track Name: For A While
yeah here´s my chance / to say what´s right / to give back / what I can´t fucking hide / yes this energy / and this fucking pride / I try to catch the light / and put it deep inside / these words are my own / and I´ll take a stand / these words are my own / straight from my heart / see this space / through my eyes / build for a while / for eternity / that´s what I wear on my chest / see this energy / and this pride / see this space / that we build for a while
Track Name: I´m Just Older
now it´s time to x up our hands / to show our pride outside / and I wish that my words can show what I feel inside / yeah life is so damn short and sometimes I was so fucking sad / but I got no time to waste and this is not the place to regret / I can´t forget and I won´t forget what´s still wrong / and what´s still right / it´s time to show our pride